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Steven Riley U.S. West Coast
“I just wanted to let you know that your team do a really good job.  Inside 6 months the boost in my website rank has brought over $300,000 of new projects.  I never have any problem finding new clients. My site is always visible on Page 1 of the Search Engines.  The service was simple and the cost a mere fraction of the profits on a single project.  Thank You! [p.s. please keep my location secret - I don't want new competition!]”
Lisa Walsh North England
I signed up with Interior Design Media last May. As a young business we relied on referrals for clients.  With IDM working their magic, our website went from being on Page 11 of Google (less than 15 monthly visitors), to Page 1 for our local area, within months!  With 1,622 site visitors last month, I now receive calls every day from prospective new clients, who found our Website before our competitors! For the first time we have more projects than we can cope with!  :)
Paul Grayson, Axis Design Greater New York, USA
We approached IDM to bring more visibility to our Interior Design consultancy. Specifically we wanted to Rank high in Search Engines for search terms specific to new areas of design we were targeting internationally, for the first time. The InteriorDesignMedia team were professional, responsive and honest about the time required for success.  We are genuinely delighted with the results! 

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Imagine if you could spend every day being creative. Focusing on designing, planning and creating beautiful homes. Now imagine a steady stream of clients, seeking your Interior Design services, knocking on your door every week (or day).  Too good to be true?

Well imagine for a moment, that the internet did not exist!  Shock! Horror! Yes… really, imagine no    i n t e r n e t.

And that any person looking for Interior Design services, followed directions to “Interior Design High Street.”  Every town or city would have such a destination.  A long, winding road, running for miles and miles, with Interior Design shops and offices of every kind.  Wouldn’t you like to be the first Interior Design Studio on that street?  The first, shiny, sparkly, store-front that any prospective new client came upon, in their search for a professional, passionate Interior Designer? Would that bring you a *steady stream of new clients*, without even trying? Of course it would!

What if you weren’t so fortunate?  How about if the storefront for your Interior Design studio was far away… down the winding road… miles and miles from the first store.  Do you think new clients would find you?  Even if they heard about you from a friend, relative or old client… would they pass by all the other storefronts and studios to find you? Or perhaps if they even got that far, these clients would be weary, from all the other Interior Design Businesses they had already seen along the way. Maybe they would get half way down that long windy road and turn around on their heels… then head straight back to the beginning of Interior Design Street… to have their home designed by one of the Designers who occupied the first few store fronts. After all… that’s what YOU would do!

This is what you do every day…. on the INTERNET.

Because, Dear Interior Designer.  The World Wide Web does exist.  And this is the modern day Interior Design High Street that your clients goto, to find the smart, creative professional that will design their home.  When you want to buy a new television or book,  do you go online?  81% of us do [according to]

And Online, onto Google, Bing, Yahoo or DuckDuckGo, is exactly where home owners searching for Interior Design services seek and find their Creative Professional (YOU!)

Over 1 million online searches a month are made for the terms “Interior Design” or “Interior Designers.”  The good news is that most prospective clients search for a location specific term like “Interior Designer New York”,  “Interior Design London, “Interior Design Services in Toronto” and so on…

The bad news is that if Your Interior Design Business is not on Page 1 of Google…. then you may aswell be that Design Studio that was miles along the twisty, winding High Street… the business where the only passers by are the jaded, tired clients, with no real budget to spend.  

THE GOOD NEWS IS THAT WE CAN PUT YOU ON PAGE ONE!  At Interior*Design*Media we specialise in just one skill, that we practice, all day, every day… getting Interior Design Websites to Page 1 of Search Engines.

Do you know what that would feel like?  Imagine each day you went to work, that your Interior Design Studio moved further and further along the High Street, towards the entrance. Each week your Storefront would gain a few places… then a few more and within a few months, clients walking onto the High Street would be able to see your storefront without straining themselves… or walking too far.  Imagine.. that after a few months, YOU would be the first Interior Design Business on the High Street!  New clients would be knocking on your front door, ringing your door bell, walking inside and taking a look at YOUR DESIGNS, before they went anywhere else.  Now You would be in control… the envy of your competitors, who would have to wait patiently for clients you passed over… How WONDERFUL Will This Be?

Would this Grow Your Business?  Grow your Profits?  Bring you Fulfillment, Security and Success?  Would the media find you before your competitors… of course they would!  How do you think the other Interior Designers on Page 1 of Google get there?  By using SEO services.

At Interior*Design*Media this is the DREAM we make Your REALITY.  We don’t work with Accountants, Lawyers, Clothing Shops, Plumbers, Food stores or any other type of Business, as most SEO agencies do.  We only do SEO for Interior Designers like You!  We speak your language, love your creativity, spend all our free time browsing the beautiful pictures on your websites… We understand your ambitions, empathise with your pains and solve your problems.  We’re focused, committed to Your success and we work 24/7 to boost your client numbers as you work, play and sleep!

So now is time for you to choose…. would you like to be the first Interior Designer on the High Street?

We thought so too.  You owe it to yourself, your employees, your business and to each of the clients you could be helping live in a wonderful home, thanks to you!

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